Data Analysis

Data analysis is one of the foci of my research and it is always closely connected to the problem of interest and informed by my collaborators. I am interested not only in the analysis of "clean" data sets, but also in the process of data cleaning and pre-processing pipelines. Indeed, an important component of my research is dedicated to improving data via careful processing. I organize and analyze data sets with a wide range of complexities. I specialize in new data types (imaging, wearable and implantable computing, biosignals) that require active and sustained personal involvement. This almost always leads to defining novel methodological problems, which I find more interesting than solving the methodological problems that are not related to the problems I am interested in. While I find data complexity and size extremely thought provoking and exciting, I am happiest when I can substantially simplify the analysis and distill it into generalizable information. Data analysis inspires me, makes me think, and keeps me excited about my work. There is nothing more exciting than walking into a collaborator's office, surgery room, or laboratory and be faced with a completely new problem every day.